Due to overwhelming response, applications are currently paused.

Stay tuned for info on when applications may re-open.

How does it work?

The Project team will send out funds on a first-come, first-served basis as long as there is money available.

Currently, there is enough funding to support a total of 57 paid sick days. 

We are working on a model of community trust and the understanding that anyone applying needs financial support. 

We are hopeful that people will respect the honour system and reserve this money for people who genuinely need it.

Funding Amount

When you apply, you will select the number of days that you were off sick. 

Pending available funds, you will receive $160 per day, up to 3 days (for a maximum total of $480).

Please note, applying does not guarantee that you will receive funds. All applications are dependent on the availability of funding in GoFundMe.

Who can apply?

Essential workers in Ontario who require time off to 

  • get a COVID test

  • self-isolate due to COVID symptoms/diagnosis, or 

  • care for a family member with COVID symptoms/diagnosis. 

Please consider reserving this fund for others if you already receive paid sick days or qualify for government benefits. 

Application Process

Complete the application form by clicking here or completing below.

You will receive an email notification from a member of the Project team within 24 hours of applying. 

As long as funds are available, they will be e-transferred to you as soon as possible.

Important Note

The Project will never share your personal information publicly.

Responses will only be shared in a summary and not linked to your personal information. Only the three Project team members that manage the fund can see your personal information. 

Application Form

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