The Project

The current Ontario government has failed to protect essential workers and all Ontarians from COVID-19. The Ontario Sick Day Relief Project is an emergency fund to support essential workers through the COVID-19 crisis in Ontario. This fund does not replace the need for government policy to mandate paid sick days. 


The Ontario Sick Day Relief Project is a grassroots, community-led initiative that provides money to essential workers to enable them to take time off work due to COVID-19. We manage a community crowdfunding project and application process to make sure funds find their way to essential workers in need. 

This initiative was started by three women who are invested in the health of their communities, and want to help support their neighbours. We are not experts on paid sick day policy or workers rights, and are committed to amplifying the voices and work of organizations and individuals advocating for fair working conditions and rights.

The Community

Essential workers encompass many industries. From grocery store clerks, to Amazon factory workers, to elementary teachers, these individuals play a key role in the day-to-day functioning of our society. They deserve to be treated as equally important as people claim they are.


While we can’t possibly list every industry, job, or employer, we know that essential workers represent a significant portion of Ontario’s population.

The Project Team
Jasmine Shaw

Jasmine is a Professional Engineer and entrepreneur based in Ottawa

Lindsay Clarke

Lindsay is a Registered Nurse and Human-Centered Designer based in Toronto

Connie Cameron

Connie is a Registered Nurse and health care leader based in Toronto

Jacklyn Marwah-Chow
Valerie Mais
Sebastian Dector